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        Airbus A330-200F in flight with PW engines. The right aircraft, right now.

        Freighter Aircraft

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        Capable freighters and airlifters

        Airbus builds highly-capable freighters and airlifters to fulfill a full range of cargo lift requirements. The A330-200F is the only new-generation cargo aircraft available today that meets operations’ needs in the mid-size, long-haul segment. For A330s that have completed their useful operational service as passenger jetliners, the A330P2F freighter conversion option offers a solution that is both cost-effective and highly-efficient.

        For the airlift of oversized cargo loads, Airbus operates a fleet of A300-600ST Beluga Super Transporters that support the manufacturing flow within the company’s European production network – operated by the Airbus Transport International affiliate.

        To accommodate the sustained output of commercial jetliners, and to support the A350 XWB ramp-up and other production increases, the BelugaXL super transporter will enter service during the second half of 2019 – with six aircraft succeeding five previous-generation Beluga A300-600 ST currently in service.

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        How an aircraft is built

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           The history of Airbus

        The history of Airbus

        1967 to today

        Wing tip and horizontal tail plane close-up

        Airbus Family Figures


        Airbus freighters media gallery

        Maiden flight of Airbus’ no. 2 BelugaXL – flight crew and workers    
        Flight crew celebrates maiden flight of no. 2 BelugaXL    
        Airbus’ second BelugaXL takes off on maiden flight    
        First take-off of Airbus’ second BelugaXL    
        Airbus’ no. 2 BelugaXL takes off on maiden flight    
        Maiden flight of Airbus’ second BelugaXL – Taxiing    
        Airbus’ no. 2 BelugaXL and the Beluga ST    
        Maiden flight of Airbus’ second BelugaXL – Crew    
        No. 2 BelugaXL with first flight crew member    
        Airbus’ initial two BelugaXL airlifters    
        Initial two BelugaXL airlifters    
        Airbus’ first two BelugaXL airlifters    
        Initial two Airbus BelugaXL airlifters    
        Airbus’ second Beluga receives its livery    
        Paint shop rollout for Airbus’ second BelugaXL    
        Second BelugaXL rolls out from paint shop    
        BelugaXL first flight with set of A350 XWB wings    
        First flight of Airbus’ BelugaXL with two aircraft wings    
        BelugaXL first flight carrying set of A350 XWB wings    
        First flight of BelugaXL with two aircraft wings    
        BelugaXL makes first flight loaded with two aircraft wings      
        Airbus’ first BelugaXL is “all smiles”      
        BelugaXL ground vibration test      
        Airbus unveils Global Market Forecast for 2016-2035      
        Qatar Airways to meet growing air cargo demand with more A330-200Fs      
        Etihad’s 117-aircraft order is detailed at the Dubai Airshow      
        The Airbus A330-200F: continued cargo excellence      
        Airbus’ Beluga celebrates 20 years in the air      
        Airbus’ Beluga: 20 years of reliable service      
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