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        A350 Final Assembly Line

        How is an aircraft built

        The product of cooperation

        Fuselage sections for Airbus’ first A320neo are integrated on the A320 final assembly line in Toulouse, France.

        An Airbus jetliner is the product of highly-efficient cooperation across the company’s global supply and manufacturing chains, as well as its decades of innovation for the air transport sector.

        The sections below detail how Airbus’ modern and efficient aircraft are built – covering the design and production of individual components, all the way to flight testing and delivery to customers.

        Design offices and engineering centres


        Transport of major aircraft sections

        Final assembly and tests

        Test programme and certification

        Delivering to the customer

        Plant tours of key Airbus commercial aircraft facilities

        Close-up perspectives of how Airbus manages its production and assembly processes as the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer are provided with guided tours of company facilities in Toulouse, France and in Germany at Hamburg and Bremen.

        These visits are organised by outside commercial companies that have Airbus authorisation to conduct such tours, and which are responsible for establishing specific conditions such as booking, timing and access.

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