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        Airbus Passenger Aircraft Family Formation - A320 - A330 - A340- A350 - A380

        Orders and Deliveries

        Commercial Aircraft

        The month in review: September 2019

        Airbus logged orders for 41 jetliners from its wide-body and single-aisle product lines in September, while delivering 71 aircraft during a month of activity that surpassed the 9,000th overall delivery milestone for the best-selling A320 Family.

        Global lessor AerCap ordered five A320neos in September, while one undisclosed customer ordered 10 A321neos, another booked 10 A220-100s and a third signed for four A220-300s. Completing the month’s new business were orders from Air Asia X for 12 A330-900.

        The month’s deliveries were made to 42 customers and were paced by the A320 Family with 48 (40 in the NEO configuration and eight CEO versions). This brought the grand total of A320s delivered to 9,027 as of 30 September.

        The month’s other jetliner deliveries involved seven single-aisle A220s, along with 16 wide-body aircraft composed of four A330s (three in the NEO configuration, and 1 CEO) and 12 A350-900/A350-1000 versions of the A350 XWB.

        In delivery “firsts” during September, Air France received its A350-900; Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines its A321neo; and EGYPTAIR its A220-300.

        Taking the latest orders, deliveries and cancellations into account, Airbus’ backlog of jetliners remaining to be delivered as of 30 September stood at 7,133 aircraft. The single-aisle total was composed of 5,768 A320 Family jetliners and 435 A220s; while the wide-body tally involved 601 A350 XWBs, 278 A330s and 51 A380s.?

        O&D viewer

        Review the worldwide Airbus commercial results using the table below.?

        For a full listing, utilise the link underneath the summary table to download the latest Excel file – which is updated monthly and lists all firm commercial aircraft transactions, including the family of Airbus executive and private aviation jetliners.???


          A300/A310 A220/A320 A330/A340/A350 A380 Total
        Total orders 816
        15320 3041 290 19467
        Total deliveries 816
        9117 2162
        239 12334
        Aircraft in fleet 308 8691 1995 237 11231

        Summary to 30 September 2019?

        O&Ds files

        Past annual results press releases - since 2009

        Airbus achieves record aircraft deliveries in 2009


        Airbus hits new record aircraft deliveries in 2010

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        Airbus Commercial Aircraft delivers record performance

        Additional market information

        Orders & deliveries

        Global Market Forecast 2019-2038

        Asset management

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