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        Airbus Customer Services

        Airbus Customer Services

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        Airbus sets the standard for customer services by adopting a collaborative approach with a wide range of operators. Providing around-the-clock care and customer service, every member of Airbus’ diverse and talented staff is determined to prove their value and expertise consistently.

        Aviation companies are increasingly under pressure to optimise costs and improve operational efficiency. As a result, most operators are more and more focused on core activities and seeking a trusted partner to bring added value to their business with the most innovative solutions and advanced technologies available. Airbus Customer Services has listened to this market expectation and, leveraging full Airbus capabilities, is bringing the solution: “Airbus Services,” a complete portfolio of end-to-end lifecycle products and services.

        Around-the-clock, around the globe assistance

        A team of more than 5,000 professionals from 50 different countries – who are united by a passion for aviation and a desire to help customers fly Airbus aircraft safely and efficiently – bring their unparalleled expertise to cover all areas of aviation support and services. Under this framework, every customer is assigned a Customer Support Director who acts as a focal point and coordinates the implementation of any necessary assistance. In addition, more than 250 field service representatives are positioned in over 150 cities, near the airline they serve. This proximity is strengthened by Airbus’ robust international network of support, training, maintenance and engineering facilities, as well as its materials and logistics centres based around the world.

        For Airbus, establishing high-quality relationships across its global customer base is paramount. It is for this reason the company closely follows changing dynamics in the aviation sector, allowing Airbus to consistently provide tailor-made solutions and services that meet – or exceed – each customer’s unique needs. Airbus’ position at the forefront of the aviation industry is a consequence of the company’s commitment to setting the standard for consistent innovation and superior customer care.

        Proximity is a key element in maintaining such strong relationships, which is why Airbus has considerably increased its global footprint in recent years – bringing the company closer to its customers to streamline the process of understanding and solving issues accordingly. This proximity is strengthened by Airbus’ robust international network of support, training, maintenance and engineering facilities, as well as its materials and logistics centres around the world.


        Supporting a comprehensive product line

        Airbus’ comprehensive product line comprises highly successful families of aircraft ranging from 100 to more than 600 seats: the single-aisle A320 Family (including A320neo, the bestselling aircraft in aviation history, along with the A220 Family); the wide-body long-range A330 Family (including the A330-200 Freighter, the A330-based MRTT, and A330-800/A330-900); the all-new next generation A350 XWB Family; and the flagship A380.

        The company’s broad range of customer services have been extended to the A220 Family, which became a full member of the Airbus product line in 2018 and will benefit from 50 years of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) experience.

        Building on a strong existing support organisation for the A220 Family, Airbus brings its proven customer support expertise of more than 10,000 in-service aircraft and a complete services portfolio offering. The new state-of the-art jetliner leverages Airbus Customer Services worldwide network, plus well-established leading solutions including Satair and the company’s game-changing digital platform, Skywise.

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        Airbus Customer Services


        Airbus Services
        Keeping your customers needs at the heart of our business
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