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        General data release agreement for MRO

        General data release agreement for MRO

        Airbus Customer Services

        Notification by operator

        The notification will authorize the MRO to access the operator's customized data listed in the attachment to the general DRA signed by the MRO and Airbus. The "Notification by the Operator" form shall be used for any request to Airbus supply the physical data (CD/DVD) to the MRO and/ or for MRO on-line access to the data on AirbusWorld. All operators are then requested to complete this form and return it to Airbus (td.distribution@airbus.com) at the time they contract with a new or additional MRO.

        NOTE: No need to return this form to Airbus in case the operator supplies the off-line technical data directly to the MRO.

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        General data release agreement for MRO

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