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        Airbus maintenance training Centre Europe (Hamburg)

        Airbus maintenance training Centre Europe (Hamburg)

        Airbus Customer Services

        Maintenance training

        The Airbus Maintenance Training Centre Europe in Hamburg, Germany covers approximately 5,000 square-metres on two floors and welcomes hundreds of trainees every year. At the site, maintenance engineers and mechanics worldwide can access a wide range of maintenance training – while its proximity to Airbus product lines in Hamburg gives trainees practical insights through high-quality maintenance courses.?

        Hamburg, Airbus’ German headquarters, is home to final assembly for the A320 Family’s four members: A318, A319, A320 and A321, as well as an Airbus A380 major component assembly hall.

        Maintenance training approvals

        Maintenance training at the Airbus Maintenance Training Centre Europe in Hamburg, Germany is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) the United Arab Emirates’ General Civil Aviation Authority.?(UAE GCAA), Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).?

        Available training devices

        A320 Family
        A350 XWB
        APT trainers
        ACT classrooms
        ACT classrooms
        ACT classrooms


        Visit Airbus Services?for detailed information about setting up a training opportunity at the Airbus training centre in Hamburg.?


        Airbus Maintenance Training Centre
        Hein-Sass-Weg 31
        21129 Hamburg

        Training centre network

        Training Centre Europe (Toulouse)

        Maintenance Training Centre Europe (Hamburg)

        Training Centre Miami (U.S.)

        Training India (New Delhi, Bangalore)

        Hua-Ou Aviation Training Centre (Beijing)

        Asia Training Centre (Singapore)

        Training Centre Mexico

        Training Centre Denver (U.S.)

        Visit services.airbus.com

        Visit services.airbus.com

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