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        Airbus Training Centre Denver

        Airbus Training Centre Denver

        Airbus Customer Services

        More facilities devoted to American customers

        The Airbus Training Center in Denver is a state-of-the-art, 38,000 square-foot training complex that is the second customized Airbus training facility in the United States.

        Located in Denver, Colorado, the Airbus Training Center offers pilot training for the A320 Family aircraft.

        Since November 2018, Denver hosts the first A320neo full flight simulator (FFS) in the Americas.?This simulator complements two existing A320 Family FFS in the Denver Airbus Training Center – and all three have achieved the highest level?of certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) currently available.

        At full capability, the center will operate six full flight simulators to support customers in the Americas.

        Flight training approvals

        Denver Training Centre’s flight training devices are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

        Available training devices

        A320 Family
        2 A320 FFS
        Standard 1.8.0
        A320 FFS (Nov 2018)
        Std. 2.0 ceo/neo configuration
        1 new A320 FFS (June 2019)
        Std. 2.0 ceo/neo configuration


        Visit?Airbus Services?for?detailed information about setting up a training opportunity at the Airbus training center in Denver.?

        Email: training.commercial@airbus.com

        Airbus Training Centre
        3500 N Windsor Drive
        Suite 500
        Aurora, CO 80011

        Training centre network

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        Maintenance Training Centre Europe (Hamburg)

        Training Centre Miami (U.S.)

        Training India (New Delhi, Bangalore)

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        Training Centre Denver (U.S.)

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