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        Airbus Flying challenge
16th Nov 2016

        Airbus Foundation

        Who we are and what we do

        Airbus Foundation is at the heart of Airbus, committed to bringing together the products and people of our global aerospace company to help address the challenges of today's society. We support the work of disaster relief and emergency responders and inspire the next generation as they prepare to embrace their future.

        Did you know?

        There were 72 relief flights facilitated by Airbus Foundation since 2008

        Airbus Foundation

        During 21 and 22 June, the H125 flew over 75 km in the departments of Escuintla, Sacatepéquez and Chimaltenango, where the volcano is located.

        Response in Guatemala

        How Helicopters contributed to the rescue

        Crisis response

        Crisis response

        Supporting international humanitarian organisations

        Science of flight

        Science of flight

        Explore Airbus Foundation Discovery Space

        Contact us

        For general inquiries regarding the Foundation's:?


        Daniel Werdung

        Content Manager & Corporate Media Relations Germany

        Latest news

        Airbus Foundation supports Bolivian efforts to fight fires in Amazon

        en es

        Airbus Foundation and IFRC cyclone Idai relief flight


        Air Senegal and Airbus Foundation team up for first goodwill flight

        en fr

        Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge launched in Mirabel to interest local young people in aeronautics


        Sherry Lassiter joins Airbus Foundation’s College of External Experts


        Airbus Foundation Explorers Centre inaugurated

        en de

        Latest photos, videos, infographics...

        H125 in use during support of Bolivian efforts to fight fires in Amazon    
        H125 dropping water in Amazon    
        Discovery Space Generic Girl Space New    
        Foundation Mexico    
        Mercy Air    
        Helicopters for humanitarian actions in Mozambique    
        Helicopter for the Red Cross    
        Helicopters for humanitarian actions in Mozambique    
        Helicopters for humanitarian actions in Mozambique    
        Helicopter Mozambique    
        Cyclone destruction in Mozambique    
        C295 Humanitarian DAC    
        The C295 humanitarian action in Mozambique    
        2nd Ferry Flight Mozambique 2    
        Moon Camp Challenge    
        Airbus Foundation and IFRC cyclone Idai relief flight to Mozambique    
        Airbus Foundation and IFRC cyclone Idai relief flight from Switzerland    
        Humanitarian action by Airbus Foundation with Air Senegal    
        Loading of relief goods on Air Senegal’s newest A330neo at Toulouse-Blagnac airport.    
        Science Of Flight Teaser    
        How to land an airplane      
        What happens when you fly      
        The invisible highways in the sky      
        How airplanes fly in bad weather      
        3 ways an airplane can turn      
        Getting ready for take-off      
        Airports: The perfect home of planes      
        Airplanes: Evolving for the planet      
        What fuel do planes fly with?      
        How to desing an airplane      
        What do we use aircraft for?      
        The history of flying      
        How do helicopters fly?      
        How do airplanes fly?      
        Why birds are made for flying      
        Balloons: why do they float?      
        Flying Challenge Filton 2017 2018      
        The Airbus Foundation Discovery Space      
        Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Radiation on the moon      
        Youth development and Airbus Foundation's Flying Challenge      

        Airbus Foundation on Twitter

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