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        Enterprise Risk Management

        Enterprise Risk Management

        Minimise risks, maximise opportunities

        Corporate Governance

        Board and Board Committees

        Executive and Operational Committees

        Shareholders' Meetings

        Enterprise Risk Management

        Governance Framework and Documents

        Airbus’ long-term development and production lifecycle make Enterprise Risk Management a crucial mechanism for both mitigating the risks faced by the Company and identifying future opportunities.

        By systematically integrating Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as a key management process across the Company, Airbus supports value creation and competitiveness.

        This is carefully followed by the Board of Directors (BoD).

        There is one group ERM Centre of Competence with direct responsibility for Commercial Aircraft ERM and for group-wide coordination of the Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space ERM functions.


        In terms of mission, ERM plays a key role to:

        • Make the business more robust and become resilient to unpredicted crises
        • Support operational decision making
        • Improve the business results
        • Reduce the exposure level
        • Be compliant with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code


        Airbus ERM system relies on:

        • Strong anticipation culture
        • Speak-up mind-set
        • Robust risk mitigation
        • Opportunity management
        • Strengthened ERM governance at Company, Divisions, Programmes and Functions levels


        Airbus ERM uses ISO 31000 as a guideline.


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