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        About the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space

        About the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space

        Introduction to the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space


        When students engage with STEM subjects in an inspiring way, the seeds for a better future are planted. As science and technology democratise communication, Airbus Foundation’s digital resources reach across socioeconomic boundaries to educate a global generation.

        New Frontiers

        The digital world is expanding for students – and for the parents and teachers around them. This new digital ecosystem crosses generations and professions, connecting millions of families, STEM professionals and educators globally, sharing educational tools that empower students to shape their world through knowledge.

        Bridging the digital divide

        Online and on the ground, Airbus Foundation initiatives demonstrate the exciting role aerospace is playing in making tomorrow’s dreams a reality. The Discovery Space website compliments the Foundation’s onsite STEM programmes, like Airbus Stevenage Discovery Space, a site-specific installation where young people can discover aerospace through hands-on experiences. In collaboration with key local partners, the Foundation will replicate this immersive experience at Airbus locations around the world.? ?


        What is the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space?

        The Discovery Space is a digital space where young people throughout the world can understand science through aerospace. It is also a place for teachers and parents to find tools that help them engage students with STEM topics in a safe and trusted virtual environment

        Why is the Airbus Foundation doing this?

        At Airbus, we build amazing flying machines. The goal of the Airbus Foundation is to use the fascinating power of our industry and its future to inspire our next generation and help them overcome the challenges they will face.?With the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space, we are looking to complement our hands on and mentoring initiatives such as the Airbus Flying Challenge and Airbus Little Engineer with a digital tool that allows to keep engaging with students around the world.?

        What is STEM?

        STEM in an interdisciplinary and applied approach that combines four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematic. This grouping is essential for the development of critical thinking, creativity, engineering design process and problem solving skills.

        What is Tinkercad?

        Tinkercad is a simple, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone. On the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space you can use Tinkercad to design rockets prototypes, flying machines, space equipment and anything else you need.– the list is truly endless!

        What is Instructables?

        Instructables is a platform specialising in user-generated and uploaded do-it-yourself projects. The Instructables videos in the Discovery Space, will show how to create STEM project by yourself.?

        How to I set up my Fusion 360 account?

        To create your account and download Fusion 360, click here

        Why travelling to the Moon and not to Mars?

        Before we head to Mars or another faraway planet, humans must first learn how to survive in space. There’s radiation, extreme temperatures, no air to breathe and meteorites falling from the sky! How do we deal with that? The best way to find out is to set up a community on the moon to explore and learn. And its just 3 days away!!

        What's next?

        Learn, experiment, design and compete. And keep an eye on us, as we always come up with something new and exciting. Next, we will tell you all about we make things fly!!?

        Discovery Space



        Science of flight

        Mission to the moon

        Downloads for schools & educators

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