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        Bringing STEM into the classroom

        Are you an educator with a classroom full of stargazers and astro-aspirants? Today’s students will engineer tomorrow’s future, and it’s up to us to provide them with the tools to get them there. We invite you to bring Discovery Space into your classroom, joining a captivating example of aerospace in action, with accessible, easy-to-understand interfaces that engage students’ imaginations as well as their STEM skills.

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        Mission to the moon

        Here, you’ll find what you need to know to survive in space – and the logistics of space life are no small matter! Everyday things we take for granted here on Earth – drinking water, enjoying the sunshine, going for a drive, even breathing – require strategic planning on the Moon. Our videos shed some light on just how much there is to learn about life outside our home planet. Aside from testing Martian technologies and crash-landed meteorites, moon colonisers will also be experiments themselves! What do you think? Are you ready to step into the unknown?

        Ambassador toolkit

        Setup guide

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        Human spaceflight  

        Human spaceflight

        ExoMars Rover mission: how Airbus looks for life on the red planet!  

        ExoMars Rover mission: how Airbus looks for life on the red planet!

        The workshop challenged close to 30 Kenyan students to carry out a simulation of a launch mission to space  

        Airbus Foundation launches youth development programme in Kenya

        Discovery Space



        Science of flight

        Mission to the moon

        Downloads for schools & educators

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