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        Enforcing Compliance

        Airbus’ response to investigations into its use of consultants

        Compliance is at the heart of everything Airbus does today – we are putting significant resources and effort into supporting the coordinated criminal investigations by the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and France’s Parquet National Financier (PNF).

        This microsite provides all the information we can disclose at this time around the investigations and our efforts to improve compliance. We are not able to comment on details of the investigations themselves while they are ongoing.?

        What we are doing

        Airbus is committed to implementing the?most effective global standards?to combat bribery and corruption in its industry.

        We prohibit all forms of bribery and corruption and have a?dedicated compliance programme and organisation?under the leadership of the Airbus General Counsel, who has a seat on the?Executive Committee and reports to the Airbus CEO.

        We also have appointed an?Independent Compliance Review Panel?composed of eminent external consultants to help us further improve our processes.

        Statement from the Board of Directors - October 2017

        With respect to various press reports and speculations over the last few days, the Board of Directors of Airbus SE states the following:

        • In 2014 Airbus management suspended outstanding payments to business partners and instigated a rigorous process for review of all payments prior to release.
        • The payment review uncovered a number of compliance red flags, including misstatements and omissions to UK government agencies.
        • In concert with our values, our code of conduct and our legal responsibilities, the decision was made in 2016 to disclose the identified compliance issues and the surrounding circumstances to government financial oversight and investigation agencies.
        • These decisions were made with the Board’s unanimous approval and actions were all directed by Tom Enders, the company's CEO. The Board has full trust and confidence in Tom and depends on his leadership to continue the transformation of the company and in particular our compliance program alongside our General Counsel, John Harrison.
        • Our internal investigations continue and we, Board and Management, are committed to expose all instances where violations have occurred and to correct the processes and behaviors that enabled these transgressions. The Ethics and Compliance Committee of the Board, composed of Independent Directors and chaired by me, will ensure the unwavering commitment to ethical conduct and compliant behavior of all employees, and the closure of the identified issues relating to business partners.
        • We are doing all this in full and transparent cooperation with the government investigations, led by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in the U.K. and the Parquet National Financier (PNF) in France.
        • Airbus is a great and highly resilient company with a strong and competent management team. Its strategies, structures and resources have never been more aligned. We have no doubt that the company will persevere, continue its dynamic development and remain competitive and successful in the market place.
        • The Board thanks each and everyone in the company who is working hard to help bring this matter to a conclusion and to ensure seamless execution of our business priorities at this challenging time.

        Denis Ranque
        Chairman of the Board

        Questions and answers

        What are the SFO and the PNF investigating?

        The authorities ?are carrying out coordinated investigations into allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption within our civil aviation business, relating to our use of third party consultants.?The investigations were initiated following self-reporting by Airbus.

        How were these investigations triggered?

        In 2014, as a precautionary measure, Airbus froze payments to its third party consultants engaged in sales support activities, in order to put them through an enhanced compliance due diligence and screening process. During this process, Airbus discovered misstatements and omissions relating to information provided in certain applications for export credit financing for Airbus customers.?

        As a result,?Airbus made the decision to?“self-report”?to the relevant authorities.

        What happens next?

        Airbus is working closely and cooperating fully with the authorities to investigate the situation. As part of this effort,?Airbus has engaged legal, investigative, and forensic accounting expertise of the highest calibre?to undertake a comprehensive review. Together, they are using some of the most advanced software tools available to analyse a massive amount of electronic and hard copy documents as part of the investigation.

        When will you resume payments to third party consultants?

        The company will not unfreeze payments to any third party consultant until it has gone through the enhanced due diligence process described above. As a result, certain consultants and other third parties have initiated commercial litigation and arbitration against Airbus alleging breach of contract and seeking relief.?

        We cannot exclude that our comprehensive review and enhancements to our controls and practices lead to additional commercial disputes or other civil law consequences in the future.?

        Do you expect any further allegations or issues to emerge?

        Airbus continues to monitor all its activities with regard to ethics and compliance.?We will continue to work closely with the authorities during the investigations?and will seek to improve internal compliance processes, and if new allegations come to light they will be dealt with appropriately and consistently.

        What will happen to those responsible for wrongdoing or misconduct?

        Airbus will take appropriate action against those found to have engaged in any wrongdoing or misconduct as the results of the investigation become available.

        What steps is Airbus taking to ensure this never happens again?

        Airbus continues to revise and implement improved anti-corruption compliance policies and procedures, including those with respect to its engagement of consultants and other third parties.?The lessons learned as part of the SFO and the PNF investigations will be?fed back into our compliance programme?in order to strengthen it for the future.?We also have appointed an Independent Compliance Review Panel composed of eminent external consultants to help us further improve our compliance processes, policies, organisation and culture.

        Who is in charge of dealing with this situation at Airbus?

        John Harrison,?Airbus General Counsel, and head of the Legal & Compliance team is leading the upgrade of Airbus’ compliance programme and supporting the authorities with the investigations. He has a seat on the?Executive Committee and reports to the Airbus CEO.

        Is the Eurofighter investigation related to these investigations?

        No. The Eurofighter investigation is not related to the coordinated investigations by the SFO and the PNF. It is a separate historical issue and we cannot see any foundation in particular for the allegations of bad faith and fraud made by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence concerning it.
        (read more)?

        On 9 February 2018, the Munich Public Prosecutor (Staatsanwaltschaft München I) has terminated its investigation which had been ongoing since 2012 and did not confirm the allegations of bribery (read more)

        Timeline of compliance enforcement

        Airbus aims at preventing, detecting and responding to Ethics & Compliance risks.

        The evolution of Airbus’ compliance programme has been a long and complex process. It not only covers various businesses across multiple jurisdictions with individual governance and compliance structures, but has also evolved to adapt to organisational changes that the company has implemented over the past years.

        Initially set up as EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company),?Airbus has managed to reduce organisational complexity over time?– from the elimination of the initial co-leadership approach in 2007 through a significant change in the ownership structure in 2013 to the reorganisation and renaming of the Group to 'Airbus' in 2014.

        Concerning the compliance programme, changes also started from 2007 onwards with the?introduction of an enhanced anti-corruption policy?as the company began to unify under a more cohesive corporate governance structure.

        The?company works continuously towards ensuring that employees act in a compliant manner. In the past three years alone, Airbus has conducted?more than 160,000 awareness trainings?covering – amongst others – the topics of anti-corruption, fraud, antitrust, export compliance, and confidential information.

        Compliance initiatives

        The timeline below provides a snapshot of the numerous developments in compliance from 2007 to the present day.

        • From 2001 to 2007, the newly created EADS Group implements numerous compliance policies covering risk areas such as Anti Bribery and Corruption, Export Compliance, Mergers & Acquisitions.


        • Comprehensive compliance review launched for EADS to reinforce a culture of anti-bribery and to protect the company against any legal, financial or reputational risk. This was carried out while selecting business partners and conducting M&A operations or investment projects.


        • EADS and Airbus nominate Chief Compliance Officers reporting to their respective CEOs.
        • Airbus adopts 'Global Principles of Business Ethics' developed by the European and US trade associations.


        • Airbus International Compliance Office develops and implements the 'Airbus Business Ethics Policy and Rules.'
        • Airbus becomes an active participant in a number of forums, such as the United Nations Global Compact and International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct for the Aerospace and Defence Industry, of which Airbus is a co-chair.
        • Cassidian, Astrium and Eurocopter nominate Divisional Chief Compliance Officers.
        • EADS develops an EADS Group-wide Code of Ethics called 'Integrity & Transparency'.


        • EADS OpenLine is launched, enabling employees to confidentially raise their concerns via the internet or by phone.


        • EADS issues Policy for Compliance Allegation Investigation.


        • EADS issues the EADS Business Ethics Anti-Bribery Compliance Guidelines for M&A.
        • EADS Anti-Bribery Compliance Programme is audited by Ethic Intelligence and receives certification.


        • EADS Business Development Policy is updated and renamed into EADS Business Ethics Policy, Processes and Guidelines.
        • EADS replaces its existing Code of Ethics 'Integrity and transparency' and all related documents existing across the EADS Group with one unique reference document called 'Standards of Business Conduct' (SOBC). The SOBC supersede any existing similar documents in all divisions and subsidiaries.
        • 'Our Integrity Principles' (OIP): A reader friendly leaflet summarising the key values of the SOBC. The leaflet is sent to 13,500 managers across the Group, who are required to distribute to their teams and deliver a team talk presentation. Overall, more than 150,000 copies are shipped across the Group to more than 120 destinations.


        • SOBC and OIP are available in 7 different languages.
        • Airbus Group issues a new Sponsorship and Donation Policy.
        • Airbus Group issues Guidelines for the assessment of corruption risks when selecting a business partner.
        • Airbus Group halts all payments to business partners until they have been cleared under the compliance audit and assessment process described above.


        • Tom Enders, CEO Airbus Group, nominates John Harrison as Group General Counsel.
        • Airbus Group’s legal and compliance teams merge and work under one banner (Legal & Compliance.)
        • Airbus Group updates its Business Development Support Initiative Directive (BDSI): BDSI defines the Airbus Group requirements for the prevention of corruption in the engagement of business partners. A significant awareness programme is launched. Training is delivered to more than 1,500 risk facing employees across the?company over a 6 month period.
        • Sylvie Kandé de Beaupuy is named as Airbus Group Ethics & Compliance Officer.


        • Airbus Group issues a new Group-wide Anti-Corruption Policy ultimately providing employees with a single and unique reference and guide on its related matters to all employees.
        • In September, Airbus Group updates its BDSI Directive, which builds on the practical experience of the first year after the initial release. It is now more business focused and also adds enhanced compliance controls, particularly related to the payment and monitoring of third parties.
        • In October, Airbus Group updates its Gifts & Hospitality Directive. This Directive now provides a Group-wide harmonised framework for the giving and receiving of gifts & hospitality. It also sets harmonised monetary thresholds above which line management and compliance approval are required prior to exchanging any Gifts or Hospitality with third parties. In addition, it addresses large commercial events organised by Airbus and "delegation visits."
        • A Group-wide Anti-Money Laundering Directive was issued, which provides for standardised Know Your Client and due diligence forms and the appointment of an AML?Officer in charge of deploying a companywide process. This directive was distributed in October 2016.


        • In February, Airbus rolls out its Lobbyists & Special Advisors Directive to complement the BDSI Directive and ensures robust due diligence is conducted on such third parties.
        • Also in February, Airbus releases a harmonised Group-wide Sponsorship & Donations Directive to provide a framework for proper review and approval of such projects. This directive consolidates already existing processes.
        • In April, Airbus deploys the first Group-wide Gifts & Hospitality declaration tool.
        • In May, Airbus appoints an Independent Compliance Review Panel composed of eminent external consultants reporting to the Airbus CEO and Board on how to further improve Airbus’ compliance processes, policies, organisation and culture.
        • Airbus Group and Airbus merge in July. The consolidated entity is named Airbus.
        • Towards the end of the year, Airbus rolls out anti-corruption trainings for its third parties.

        Airbus vision for Ethics & Compliance

        Our Commitment

        Over the years, Airbus has earned the trust of passengers, customers, operators and other stakeholders through the quality and safety of our products. To fully serve our communities and thrive in the future, our commitment to business integrity must be just as robust – this means conducting our business ethically and based on Airbus values, and in compliance with all laws and regulations.

        Join me in focusing on what really matters: preserving our integrity and embracing our values for the purpose of serving the best interests of our great company Airbus.

        Guillaume Faury – Airbus CEO

        Our goal is?to be known as a company with ‘integrity inside’: integrity in its people, partners and suppliers.

        To read more, visit the Ethics & Compliance section.

        The compliance enforcers

        The following experienced senior executives and their teams are working to ensure compliance remains front and centre of all business that Airbus does. They are also working closely with the authorities to support its investigations.

        John Harrison, Airbus General Counsel

        John Harrison is member of the Executive Committee. In his role as General Counsel he has consolidated the responsibilities of Corporate Secretary, General Counsel and Ethics & Compliance. Harrison was Group General Counsel of Technip S.A. in Paris and joined Airbus Group in June 2015.

        Read more
        Sylvie Kandé de Beaupuy, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

        Sylvie Kandé de Beaupuy joined Airbus in November 2015 as Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, reporting to the Airbus General Counsel and brings to Airbus a strong background in all legal, compliance, regulatory and export control matters combined with international business experiences.

        Read more
        Karl Hennessee, Senior Vice President, Head of Litigation, Investigations & Regulatory Affairs

        Karl Hennessee is head of Litigation, Investigations & Regulatory Affairs, reporting to the Airbus General Counsel. Hennessee worked for Airbus from 2001 to 2013, moved to Halliburton Company in Houston as Vice President Public Law and Technology before joining back Airbus in May 2016.

        Read more

        The Independent Compliance Review Panel

        Airbus?appointed?an Independent Compliance Review Panel (ICRP) composed of eminent external consultants.

        All well-versed in compliance monitoring of large corporations, they have access to all levels of the company and are?reporting to the Airbus CEO and Board?on how to further improve Airbus’ compliance processes, policies, organisation and culture.


        Lord Gold, United Kingdom

        Lord Gold was a solicitor at Herbert Smith for 37 years, serving as its senior partner between 2005 and 2010. In March 2011 he set up David Gold & Associates high level strategic litigation advisors. One of the UK's most senior litigators, he has extensive experience working with corporations, governments and regulators around the world. Lord Gold reviewed Rolls-Royce’s global anti-corruption compliance policies following bribery allegations in various countries. He is a Conservative life peer in the House of Lords.

        Read more
        No?lle Lenoir, France

        No?lle Lenoir is a specialist in competition law, public business law and economic regulations – both at the national level and at the European level – at Kramer Levin. She served as French Minister of European Affairs from 2002 to 2004, was the youngest person ever to have served on the French Constitutional Court. She has been a member of the Conseil d’Etat since 1984.

        Read more
        Dr. Theodor Waigel, Germany

        Dr. Theodor Waigel served as Federal Minister of Finance in the Cabinet of Chancellor Helmut Kohl from 1989 to 1998, and as Chairman of the CSU from 1989 to 1999. He was a member of the Bundestag from 1972 to 2002. An eminent lawyer since 1967, he has acted in an advisory capacity for corporations and government on matters of compensation, governance and compliance since 1999. From 2009 to 2012, Dr. Waigel served as an outside compliance monitor for Siemens.?

        Read more

        Compliance disclosure, references and key documents

        Airbus has been as transparent as possible within the parameters of the ongoing investigation by providing?regular updates to stakeholders. The links below lead to press releases and financial statements that cover compliance topics:

        o? ?Airbus reports Half-Year (H1) 2019 results

        o? ?Airbus reports First Quarter (Q1) 2019 results

        o? ?Airbus reports strong Full-Year 2018 results, delivers on guidance

        o? ?Airbus reports Nine-Month (9m) 2018 financial results

        o? ?Airbus reports Half-Year 2018 (H1) financial results

        o? ?Airbus reports First Quarter (Q1) 2018 results, confirms guidance

        o? ?Full-Year 2017 results: Airbus overachieved on all key performance indicators

        o??Munich Public Prosecutor ends Eurofighter Austria investigation

        o??Airbus Provides Update on Legal Cases

        o??Airbus reports Nine-Month (9m) 2017 results

        o??Airbus files legal submission to Vienna Public Prosecutor in Eurofighter case

        o?? Airbus reports Half-Year (H1) 2017 results

        o?? Airbus establishes new Independent Compliance Review Panel

        o?? Ad-Hoc release: Airbus reports First Quarter (Q1) 2017 results

        o?? Ad-hoc release, 16 March 2017: Airbus to cooperate with France’s Parquet National Financier in preliminary investigations

        o?? Ad-hoc release, Airbus delivers Full-Year 2016 results in line with guidance

        o?? Ad-hoc release, 26 October 2016: Airbus Group Reports Nine-Month (9m) 2016 Results

        o?? Airbus-Group-9m-2016-Financial-Statements

        o?? Ad-hoc release, 7 August 2016: Airbus Group Statement On Proceedings Regarding European Credit Agencies Disclosure

        o?? Ad-hoc release, 27 July 2016: Airbus Group Reports Half-Year (H1) 2016 Results

        o?? First half-year 2016 Financial Report?

        o?? Ad-Hoc release: Airbus Group Reports First Quarter (Q1) 2016 Results

        o?? Ad-hoc release, 1 April 2016: Airbus Group Announcement on U.K. Export Credit Financing

        o?? Airbus Group SE Financial Statements 2015

        Airbus has also ensured that all employees, suppliers and customers are aware of its rigorous compliance requirements with the following key documents below that must be adhered to:

        o?? Anti-Corruption Policy

        o?? Supplier Code of Conduct

        o? ?Code of Conduct

        Ethics & Compliance

        Ethics & Compliance

        Creating a culture that makes employees and partners aware of their responsibility

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