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        Eyes in the sky against maritime pollution  

        Eyes in the sky against maritime pollution

        Satellite imagery is proving an increasingly valuable tool in protecting our oceans

        An Airbus A330neo test aircraft transported 38 firefighters of the French Civil Security and equipment from Vatry, France, to Bolivia.  

        Airbus Foundation supports Bolivian efforts to fight fires in Amazon

        ?Volonteers in Airbus made a 3D printed arm for Lou, a little girl born with a missing arm. It is the delivery day to this little girl.  

        Airbus e-NABLEs a brighter future

        Biogas Plant Being Installed In The Nilgris  

        Airbus strengthens commitment to NiIgiris biodiversity, Tamil Nadu tribal families

        Passion for progress  

        Passion for progress

        Interactive Annual Report 2018

        Driving sustainable growth

        We are committed to supporting the development of a sustainable future for our business, our stakeholders and the planet.

        Living our values

        Nearly 55,000 employees participated in selecting Airbus’ six core values: We are One (Teamwork), Customer focus, Creativity, Integrity, Reliability and Respect.

        Our approach for responsible business

        Minimising environmental impact

        Operating responsibly

        Innovating for sustainable solutions

        Contributing to a safer and more prosperous world

        Fostering quality education and inclusion

        Reporting and performance data

        Let's build a more prosperous world

        We aim for a?sustainable, safer and more prosperous world. To deliver on this vision, we understand that our responsibility to society is to go beyond making profit for shareholders.

        Our planet faces significant economic, social and environmental challenges. As a global citizen, we embrace the?UN Sustainable Development Goals?for 2030 as a roadmap for the steady progress of our responsible business. We strive to create products with better environmental performance and technologies that contribute to sustainable mobility, while our industrial activities and educational initiatives improve economic and social conditions around the world.

        It’s not only what we make; it’s what we’re made of.


        Our commitment in action

        Whether it’s integrating cutting-edge technology to reduce our environmental impact, driving innovation to improve society or ensuring we operate ethically throughout our entire supply chain, Airbus is fully committed to working as responsibly and sustainably as possible.?

        Discover how we are making a difference via the news below.?

        Featured news

        Airbus and SAS Scandinavian Airlines sign hybrid and electric aircraft research agreement

        The E-Thrust concept can be described as a serial hybrid propulsion system.

        Cities: the key to a sustainable future

        Sao Paulo skyline from Parque Ibirapuera park in Brazil

        Airbus selects seven finalist teams to shape the future of aerospace

        Photograph of a human eye overlaid computer artwork of colourful particles, depicting fantasy, imagination, dreaming, physics, light or stars.

        Eyes in the sky against maritime pollution

        Airbus Foundation supports Bolivian efforts to fight fires in Amazon

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        Reporting and performance data

        We believe measuring and reporting our social and environmental performance is key to making progress. As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we use the G4 Global Reporting Index, a standardised international approach that enables transparency and accountability. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting is embedded across the company.?

        We also submit to the Global Compact (GC) our Communication on Progress (COP) and we have reached the GC Advanced Level.?Through this self-assessment initiative, the Global Compact Office recognises companies that strive to be top reporters??

        An overview of our R&S reporting is integrated into the Airbus Annual Report?and externally audited environmental and social data is part of our Registration Document.?

        This data, and complementary documentation, are available in the link below.

        Airbus Foundation

        Airbus Foundation

        Together, we can do more

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