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        Contributing to a safer and more prosperous world

        Contributing to a safer and more prosperous world

        With more than 133,000 employees around the world, Airbus is a leading player in the aerospace sector. We contribute to sustainable economic growth by creating added-value technology and skilled employment. Our commitment to innovation addresses some of society’s most critical issues, from mobility to security and climate change.

        By working with states, international organisations and customers, we strive to create better defence solutions for a safer and more prosperous world. Our military aircraft, Earth observation satellites and security technologies help protect freedom and democratic values.?

        UN Sustainable Development Goals

        Decent work and economic growth

        Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, decent work and equal pay for all is at the heart of our business.

        Peace, Justice and strong institutions

        We believe corporate governance based on the rule of law, peace, stability and human rights are important conduits for responsible development.

        Partnerships for the goals

        Airbus is a global partner for sustainable development. We work with governments, civil society and the aerospace sector to encourage sharing of knowledge, technology and financial resources to pursue innovation and answer society’s needs.

        Driving socio-economic growth

        We strongly believe in contributing to the social, economic, institutional and sustainable development of the communities in which we operate.

        Airbus was created by establishing a European partnership, not just on the basis of an aircraft programme but a long-term industrial project. This same spirit of cooperation still drives us today. We are a truly global company that acts local, with roughly 180 locations and 12,000 direct suppliers across the world.

        Airbus’ aircraft, satellite, and defence solutions facilitate countries’ integration into the global economy, providing direct benefits to users. If aviation were a country, it would rank 21st globally in size by GDP, roughly $2.4 trillion.

        The industry currently supports?58.1 million jobs worldwide?and it is growing: the Airbus?Global Market Forecast?for 2018–2037 anticipates that air traffic will increase at a rate of 4.4% per year.

        The industry is also an important precursor for growth in other sectors and a catalyst for innovation. Airbus is behind many important technologies that have improved the quality of life around the world, including advanced materials, fly-by-wire and autopilots.

        More on Airbus’ activities around the world

        ATAG report: Aviation benefits without borders

        Every year, Airbus invests around €3 billion in R&D and spends the equivalent of approximately 70% of its revenue with suppliers: an estimated €49 billion in 2016.

        Protecting people and sovereignty, advocating for stability

        Airbus works together with states, international organisations and customers to create better defence solutions for a safer and more prosperous world. Our military aircraft, Earth observation satellites and security technologies?enable governments to guarantee their sovereignty and combat changing terrorism threats and cybercrime.

        It is our clear aim to support EU and NATO governments in their efforts to make the world a safer place. To fulfil their mission to guarantee sovereignty, security and human rights, these nations require equipment and defence systems that they themselves define.

        We also support the permanent member states of the UN Security Council and other trusted international organisations in their endeavour to provide?stability and prosperity throughout the world.??

        Protecting governments and infrastructure from cyber threats?

        Get to know our defence portfolio


        Partner for the UN and Red Cross

        As a global partner for sustainable development, we work with a variety of partners to act together as responsible citizens, sharing knowledge, technology and financial resources to meet societal challenges.

        Alongside the Airbus Foundation, our vehicle for corporate philanthropy, we collaborate with the likes of the International Federation of the Red Cross, United Nations, Aviation Sans Frontières?and a host of local communities to make a difference, including organising supply transport for?disaster relief?and supporting youth programmes in the communities we serve.

        Learn more about the Airbus Foundation


        Airbus’ volunteering network

        We support our employees’ social and environmental initiatives to address societal challenges in the communities around their workplaces.

        Approximately 5,000 Airbus employees are already involved in volunteering with 85 initiatives, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

        Responsibility & Sustainability

        Our approach for responsible business

        Minimising environmental impact

        Operating responsibly

        Innovating for sustainable solutions

        Contributing to a safer and more prosperous world

        Fostering quality education and inclusion

        Reporting and performance data

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