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        Fostering quality education and inclusion

        Fostering quality education and inclusion

        Learning every day is part of who we are.?Our global workforce draws on its?diversity, experiences and shared passions to drive the company forward. We are committed to equality and our employees, recruited from varied areas and backgrounds, have access to a wealth of opportunities to shape their careers and build key skills in many areas.

        We also believe in investing in the future and regularly work with educational institutions around the world to develop future talent.?

        UN Sustainable Development Goals

        Quality education
        Inclusive and quality education is one of the most powerful vehicles for progress. We are committed to helping where we can.

        Gender equality
        Empowering women, promoting equal opportunity and ending all forms of discrimination is not only a human right, but has a multiplier effect across all other development areas.

        Partnerships for the goals
        The International Federation of the Red Cross, SESAR and others partner with Airbus, acting together as responsible citizens to meet societal and environmental challenges.

        Developing our people

        In line with our overall competence strategy, we are focusing on helping our employees further develop across 22 key areas, from technical skills to project management. We are also analysing emerging competence trends for the future.

        The Airbus Leadership University?provides state-of-the-art development programmes for both technical and soft skills for around 20,000 people annually – across all functions and levels and at different campuses worldwide. With the University's?main base in Toulouse and other campuses across the world,?the company’s aspiration is to reach out to every employee within Airbus. The?University also involves entrepreneurs and start-ups in the development of the company's leaders.

        Digital learning plays a vital role at Airbus: there are already thousands of online programmes available internally and we encourage and assist all employees in developing their digital skills and awareness.

        We believe that mobility helps our employees develop new skills, broaden their horizons and bring fresh ideas to the company. In 2016, more than 11,000 employees changed jobs and the company has kept the 12% target for 2017.

        "Airbus Leadership University is a creative hub where employees are encouraged to think outside the box and generate ideas that drive change. The University creates opportunities for the employees to develop, connect and share, reflect and learn, innovate and support a culture of collaboration within Airbus."

        Thierry Baril, Airbus Chief Human Resources Officer

        On an annual basis, more than 20,000 Airbus Group employees have access to a broad portfolio of development programmes, courses, conferences, team workshops and events to enhance their leadership and team development skills

        Engagement with students

        The goal is to encourage students to understand and embrace technology and ignite a passion that could grow into an exciting STEM career.

        Airbus works with the global education community to support the development of internationally minded students with the skills we have identified as important for our business in the future.

        The Airbus University Partner Programme connects a global network of universities to develop the engineers of the future, currently covering 30 universities in 20 countries.?We also invest in a number of youth engagement initiatives such as competitions and challenges to inspire interest in STEM subjects and aerospace.

        More on the Airbus Global University Partner Programme

        Fly Your Ideas

        Our collaboration with universities is also visible in the Fly Your Ideas biennal competition, supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 2012. Open to university teams from across the world, we invite the next generation of innovators to propose and develop original ideas for the aerospace industry. The 2019 edition?asks teams to respond to one of the following challenges: Electrification; Data Services; Cyber Security; Internet of Things; Artificial Intelligence; and Mixed Reality.


        More on Fly Your Ideas competition

        Vocational training with Lycée Airbus

        Located at the heart of one of our Airbus plants in Toulouse, the Lycée Airbus is a vocational secondary school that gives some 350 students each year the opportunity to discover and learn manual skills in the aerospace sector. Classrooms and workshops are located inside the plant and the students benefit from the same working conditions as their future colleagues.

        Promoting inclusion and diversity

        We believe that bringing together teams of people?from many social and cultural backgrounds?not only makes work more interesting for them, but helps them to be more creative and do a better job for our customers – reflecting the diversity of the world we live in and the customers we serve.?

        The?GEDC Airbus Diversity Award?aims to shine a light on successful projects which have encouraged more young people of all profiles and backgrounds to study and succeed in engineering. The award was developed and funded by Airbus in partnership with the GEDC, the leading international organisation for leaders of schools and colleges of engineering education.

        ?A?Japanese satellite project?to train graduate students from developing nations wins the Airbus Diversity Award.

        Airbus rises the rainbow flag at Farnborough

        Standing with United Nations on human rights for LGBTI people

        Airbus is one of the early adopters of the?UN?Standards of Conduct for Business?for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people. The company has also signed?the?Charter of LGBT+ Commitment,?a French initiative started by the 'L'Autre Cercle' organisation.?These commitments reflect our?aim of ensuring equal rights for LGBT+ people at work, which are also supported by the?Pride@Airbus?internal community, with groups across numerous sites.

        Supporting the progression of women

        Airbus is particularly committed to?gender equality?and advancing women in the workplace. To facilitate access for women in areas where they are currently underrepresented, we have developed a comprehensive range of activities to promote jobs in aeronautics and space.?We are also supporting the?UN Women’s Empowerment Principles,?which offer guidance for business on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

        Airbus also signed the?UK?Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter.?It reflects?the?aspiration of the industry to see gender balance across all levels. By signing this Charter 50 UK companies commit to support the progression of women in to senior roles by focusing on the executive pipeline and the mid-tier level and publicly report on the progress, helping to extend the transparency and accountability needed to drive change.

        Such a widespread commitment to the Charter will make a genuine difference to gender diversity in aerospace and aviation from the shop floor to the boardroom.

        Katherine Bennett Senior Vice President Public Affairs, Airbus

        Airbus ?also welcomes the?UK Government's Gender Pay Gap?reporting initiative and we have published accordingly the Airbus in the UK?Gender Pay Gap Report?2018.

        Technology for those with disabilities

        Airbus encourages diversity in engineering and?decent work for?employees with disabilities.

        In 2016, we hosted the first ever Fabrikarium event related to disability. This initiative brings together people from different profiles to?develop innovative solutions in the field of disability, which can be easily replicated non-commercially and at a minimal cost. The aim is to allow the largest number of people with disabilities to benefit from the most innovative technologies, thereby significantly improving their quality of life.

        Employees like Andy Lewis?are an example of a successful career at Airbus on and off the field.?This aerospace ambassador has become world and Paralympic champion?while developing a successful career at Airbus.

        Read?Andy Lewis’ story

        Inspiring the next generation

        Youth development 14 December 2017

        Flying Challenge - Oussama EN sub

        We are continuously developing initiatives that inspire and empower children and young adults through aerospace. We invest?in youth engagement initiatives?and apprenticeship programmes?to inspire both boys and girls to focus on science and technology studies.

        Promoting STEM careers

        Science,?Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador Abbie Huty is a vivid example of how to challenge stereotypes and steer more women toward a career in aerospace. The youngest elected Fellow at the UK’s Institutional of Mechanical Engineers, her engineering excellence has taken her into a senior role on the ExoMars Rover Vehicle, which will look for signs of life on the red planet.?

        Watch Abbie Huty explain the ExoMars Rover mission

        Airbus Foundation’s ‘Little Engineer’ initiative has?already reached more than 2,000 students in Africa and the Middle East.?It is dedicated to encouraging young people to explore STEM subjects through engaging robotic-based?aviation and hands-on workshops.

        With locations across Europe, China and the US, Airbus Foundation’s Flying Challenge programme has already inspired more than 2,000 students worldwide. Developed in partnership with the United Way and other local NGOs, the programme inspires young people to continue their education, find their professional vocation and realise their dreams through mentoring with Airbus employee volunteers.?

        More on Airbus Foundation’s youth development programmes

        Team DAELead of The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong is one of five finalists competing in the fifth edition of Airbus' Fly Your Ideas student challenge

        Journeys of discovery

        Airbus invests in the communities it supports and in its own employees to provide quality education to further that journey of learning

        Planet Wide Web

        Planet Wide Web

        One Web aims at connecting vast areas of land and schools in less-developed countries with no access to the Internet

        Responsibility & Sustainability

        Our approach for responsible business

        Minimising environmental impact

        Operating responsibly

        Innovating for sustainable solutions

        Contributing to a safer and more prosperous world

        Fostering quality education and inclusion

        Reporting and performance data



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