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        Operating responsibly

        We are committed to conducting business in a safe, responsible and ethical manner that respects the rights of all involved. We strive to ensure?full and productive employment and promote a culture of integrity throughout the company.

        UN Sustainable Development Goals

        Decent work and economic growth

        Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive employment, decent work and equal pay for all is at the heart of our business.

        Peace, justice and strong institutions

        We believe corporate governance based on the rule of law, peace, stability and human rights are important conduits for responsible development.


        Product safety

        Every year, approximately 3.5 billion people take to the skies aboard commercial aircraft and helicopters, and, more importantly, reach their destination safely.?

        Today’s very low accident rate is the outcome of combined efforts across the industry. Commercial aviation has a long commitment to ensuring safety in everything it does. Airbus makes it the top priority in the design and operation of our aircraft, as well as in the training of those that fly and maintain them.

        More on Airbus’ commitment to safety:


        Governance & Compliance

        Airbus has earned the trust of passengers, customers, operators and other stakeholders through the quality and safety of our products.

        We recognise the importance of good corporate governance and behaviour.?Airbus’ Corporate Governance has evolved to match our ambition, meet our obligations and reach the goals we set ourselves.

        We have also significantly enhanced our compliance system over the years. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics & Compliance programme seeks to ensure our?commitment to business integrity?is just as robust by conforming to applicable laws, regulations and ethical business principles, as well as developing a culture of integrity.

        Airbus Corporate Governance

        Ethics &?Compliance: How we live our principles

        Embedding our commitment to Responsibility and Sustainability into the business


        John Harrison, Airbus General Counsel, and Katherine Bennet, Head of Airbus' Modern Slavery Steering Group, explains the company's approach for responsible business Read less Read more

        Respecting human rights

        As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we maintain the highest standards on human rights and labour in our business practices around the world.

        Modern slavery, including servitude,?forced labour and human trafficking is a global issue and affects every?country, sector and industry. Airbus has a zero tolerance?approach to modern slavery within?its business, its operations and?within its supply chain.

        In accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA), our company-wide?Airbus Modern Slavery Statement sets out the steps we have taken during the financial year ending 31 December 2017 to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains and the proposed actions to support this going forward.

        Read Airbus’ modern slavery statement for the year ended 31 December 2018

        Previous Statements:

        Year ended 31 December 2017

        Year ended 31 December 2016

        Supply Chain

        We design and integrate complex aerospace and defence products, leveraging an extensive supply chain. As we outsource a significant proportion of our activities, the supply chain is an integral part of our ecosystem and we are committed to ensuring that, as far as possible within our own scope of responsibility and legal obligations, we manage potential adverse impacts of our activities.

        We work closely with suppliers in more than 100 countries to ensure products of the highest quality, leading to shared success. We also want to engage our suppliers on our sustainability journey and share a commitment to improve social and environmental performance, constantly driven by values of integrity and transparency.

        More on Airbus’ suppliers

        Health and Safety

        For Airbus, good occupational health and safety management is not only a social consideration, it is an ethical and commercial imperative, and a critical compliance matter. Risk prevention actions and promotion of safe and healthy working conditions are key, not only to protect employees, but also to promote commercial sustainability.

        Keeping employees safe and healthy also has a direct positive impact on productivity, quality and engagement, thereby contributing to business competitiveness and the prosperity of society. Airbus has made formal commitments to responsible health and safety management in its Standards of Business Conduct, and has a company-wide Health and Safety Policy.?

        Responsibility & Sustainability

        Our approach for responsible business

        Minimising environmental impact

        Operating responsibly

        Innovating for sustainable solutions

        Contributing to a safer and more prosperous world

        Fostering quality education and inclusion

        Reporting and performance data

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