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        Customer &amp; system support

        Customer & system support

        Customer support services

        Services 24 July 2017


        Provides operators of military combat and transport aircraft with a full spectrum of services to handle aircraft technical data. Develops and supports IT systems interfacing with the A/C and processing its technical data, covering the whole life cycle from aircraft production through to the in-service phase.

        • Reference data management
        • Ground support system development
        • In-service support for ground support systems (EF, A400M)
        • AGE development & ISS support
        • Data analytics (EF, A400M, MRTT, M&L)
        • Consultancy maintenance operation

        System support services

        Military Aircraft System Support Services provides customers with top engineering advice and technical expertise to support their fleets. Continued Airworthiness principles are carefully followed throughout the process.

        Technical support

        • Engineering information and/or instructions,
        • Airbus technical assistance centres and user help desks
        • On-site technical support
        • Support for flight operations
        • Ground support devices advice
        • Field service representatives
        • Working parties
        • Service bulletins, service instructions and retrofit management
        • Maintenance documentation
        • In-service data analysis, reliability studies

        System obsolescence management, maintenance programme customisation, consultancy for the whole life cycle

        Aircraft surface treatment, painting and interior refurbishment

        Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing

        Technical data services

        Our Services

        About services

        Material, maintenance & global upgrades

        Training & flight operations

        Performance-based services

        Customer & system support


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