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        Material, maintenance and global upgrades

        Material, maintenance and global upgrades

        Material services

        The Material Services team supports our operating customers worldwide in all material services matters – from spares and repairs supply up to operating the complete integrated supply chain at the customer’s site. To achieve the best results for our customers we can ensure 24/7 support and the availability of high-quality materials for integrated solutions.

        In our daily work, we aim to meet our customer’s safety, quality and lead time expectations and to offer them the material support which fits them best.

        Deliver high-value material services solutions worldwide to ensure the success of customers’ missions.

        • Spares planning, initial provisioning, forecast of parts consumption and repair cycle costs
        • Spares access, customer interface for spares ordering, pool and exchange service
        • Worldwide inventory management, stock optimisation
        • Logistics, supply, worldwide transport
        • On-site support at customer’s site
        • Material and logistic training
        • Performance-based services, material availability

        MRO services: maintenance, repair and overhaul

        Military Aircraft Services MRO offers its customers a wide range of services. From programmed maintenance checks, version modifications or customisation to specific mission systems installation, embodiment of service bulletins and airworthiness directives or painting and interiors renewal and aircraft preservation.

        • Military aircraft service centres: equipped for all maintenance-level checks, complex retrofits and upgrades embodiment based on the historical MRO service experience.
        • Local support teams: highly experienced working teams based at the customer or local partner’s premises to perform maintenance service over a defined time period.
        • MRO local partnerships: in order to comply with customer needs concerning local MRO solutions, Military Aircraft Services support training local MRO partners to perform maintenance checks for Airbus customers. These local maintenance centres are authorised by Military Aircraft Services, ensuring the appropriate level of equipment, knowledge and experience to ensure the quality of the delivered services.
        • Working parties: when a maintenance challenge requires Military Aircraft Services personnel to work on-site, we are ready to respond anywhere, anytime. Accidents, major checks, component replacements and many other situations can all call for the presence of additional engineering expertise.

        Global upgrades

        Military Aircraft Services’ market-leading ability to upgrade aircraft enables operators to use modernisation and upgrade programmes to maintain the competitiveness of their fleets:

        • Highly customised conversions and upgrades for maximum effectiveness in your particular missions.
        • Upgrade any platform and bring your system into the digital age

        Our Services

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        Material, maintenance & global upgrades

        Training & flight operations

        Performance-based services

        Customer & system support


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