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        Safety media & e-learnings

        Airbus Helicopters invites the rotorcraft community to peruse the following Safety media section. It provides great instructional content related to Safety Management, Safety Culture & Emergency procedures. The majority of this content stems from cooperations with operators and national authorities.

        Safety promotion?

        In 2018, Airbus Helicopters conducted or took part in over 180 Safety Promotion events. In order to share these as widely as possible, some have been recorded and are made available here.

        Safety Management System (SMS)

        To view the Safety Management video with subtitles, please press play, then select either English, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese from the top left menu.

        Hope is Not a Strategy

        Unintended Consequences

        Media for technicians

        Coming from the lessons learnt from Support Engineering and Maintainability these videos are meant to raise awareness of the maintenance engineers of specific good practices as well as specific detailed instructions on dedicated tasks.

        Human Factor Analysis Process?

        Sensitive Maintenance Task

        Media for instructors

        Coming from the cooperation of Airbus Helicopters and the Airbus Helicopters Training Services Approved Training Organization (AHTS ATO), the Hydraulic Failure Training Procedure video and quiz are meant to support instructors in the preparation of their course. They mostly focus on mitigating risks associated to the teaching of emergency procedures.?


        Hydraulic Failure Training Procedure for Flight Instructors on AS350 Single Hydraulic

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