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        Maintenance Babcock H145 EMS 2017

        Airbus Helicopters International Services

        Airbus Helicopters International Services (AHIS) is committed to the training and management of highly qualified personnel dedicated to supporting Airbus fleets around the globe.?

        Onsite technical assistance

        Under the umbrella of Airbus Helicopters International Services’ field assistance capabilities, the company delivers turnkey solutions to customers where adaptability and speed of response are essential.

        Leveraging its qualified and licensed technical team, AHIS studies customer needs in order to propose the best solution in the optimal timeframe.

        Skills and missions

        Technical representation

        • Skills:?Technical Representative, Logistic Field Representative, Fleet Manager
        • Missions:?Customer support, technical expertise, logistic support, fleet management

        Maintenance centres

        • Skills:?Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Part 66) EASA-CAA-CASA-SACAA, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Sheet Metal Worker, Composite Repair Agent, Warehouse Keeper, Armourer
        • Missions:?Line maintenance, ferry flight, re-assembly of light non-complex aircraft, base maintenance C and G inspections, service bulletins and retrofits, global MRO services

        Aircrew assistance

        With its aircrew assistance capabilities, Airbus Helicopters International Services provides flexible and adaptable solutions that enable rotorcraft operators to optimise their fleet availability.

        The AHIS team is dedicated to delivering the desired mission outcomes, on time and on budget – utilising a team of pilots that are qualified by EASA, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

        Skills and missions

        • Skills:?Ground Inspector, Ground Examiner, Flight Instructor, Flight Examiner, Type Rating Instructor, Type Rating Examiner, Synthetic Flight Instruction, Licensed Pilot
        • Missions:?Ground and flight instruction, flight simulator instruction, ferry flight, return to service, flight test, mission support

        An expert team

        Airbus?Helicopters International Services is able to deliver the highest-quality customer support thanks to its talented engineers and technicians, who are trained and qualified in accordance with industry regulations.

        Each?of these specialists is dedicated to ensuring quick and efficient turnaround times, while ensuring quality and safety, and can service the entire Airbus product line.

        Why choose AHIS?

        When choosing AHIS, you get:

        • Greater reactivity,?with shorter offer turnaround times and rapid mission set-up
        • Full capabilities for Airbus’ product line, including technical assistance, logistical assistance, fleet management, and aircrew
        • Dedicated?and innovative resource management tools, enabling resource management in real-time, allocation of experts, mission follow-up and more.

        Global footprint

        Airbus?Helicopters International Services’ core business is managed from its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

        The map below identifies the countries in which Airbus Helicopters International Services has performed, or continues to perform, missions on behalf of its global customer base.?

        For these activities, AHIS deploys technicians, pilots, and experts for short to long term assignments.

        Global Footprint


        Airbus Helicopters International Services
        First Floor
        6 Georges Dock
        Dublin 1

        Telephone: +353 1 791 9750


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        Material Management

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        Helicopter Maintenance

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        Airbus Helicopters International Services

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