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        Connected Services

        Connected Services

        Airbus' Connected Services leverage operational in-service and maintenance data to optimise existing services and to improve profitability and mission performance.

        The smart interpretation of maintenance data can reduce costs and improve processes, such as on-time spare parts delivery, maintenance and logistics optimisation, and rotorcraft availability.

        The Optimize line of services:

        Customer data analytics

        The Optimize line of Airbus’ helicopter data analytics service enables customers to identify avenues of possible improvement by using information from areas such as their flight and maintenance operations, mapped against global fleet-wide data.

        Customers can then monitor and see their performance through a personalised data dashboard, and access automated key performance indicators to control operations, conduct business simulations, and prepare smarter forecasts and plans.

        All analytics proposed to operators are based on worldwide data collection gathered from operator systems, or directly from the helicopters, through a series of applications, software and airborne boxes. Airbus proposes analytics in fields like safety, operations or maintenance.

        Discover what applications are currently available in our Digitize line of services.

        The Digitize line of services:

        Fleet Keeper?

        Fleet Keeper?, developed by Airbus, is a complete e-solution that builds upon traditional hardcopy-based technical log books – providing simplified processes and unmatched convenience.

        As a role-based solution, Fleet Keeper? delivers cockpit views of a customer’s fleet status, and enables real-time data exchange between pilots, line mechanics and airworthiness managers. It is compatible with all Airbus rotorcraft models, as well as those of other manufacturers.

        Fleet Keeper? combines a user-friendly mobile and web application for tablets, and is hosted in a secure Cloud-based solution.

        In July 2016, Fleet Keeper? was approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to completely replace the hardcopy technical logbook within Airbus’ helicopter airworthiness organisation. This important milestone signifies that Fleet Keeper? is a deployable tool ready to replace operators’ hardcopy technical logbooks.

        Contact Airbus for more information or to subscribe to Fleet Keeper.?

        Envision nGen

        To provide the highest level of support for customers’ maintenance operations, Airbus offers a comprehensive, modular and trusted software tool called Envision.

        This leading digital maintenance information system (MIS), developed by Rusada’s aviation experts, allows customers to seamlessly manage all maintenance, logistics and airworthiness data using a single solution.

        Envision delivers a complete range of capabilities – leveraging modules for managing configurations and resources, materials, finances and other key elements – and has the flexibility needed to meet changing internal customer requirements, while also responding to external market forces.

        Available via client server or in a Cloud-based system, Envision is particularly adapted to customers operating large, mixed fleets.

        Read more about Envision on the Rusada website

        Flight Planner

        Flight Planner is an all-in-one electronic flight bag available in an iOS version or built into a Panasonic Touchpad tablet, and is ready for the most demanding missions and environments. It integrates performance and weight and balance calculations with additional flight planning solutions, including map displays, weather, airport information and NOTAM (notice to airmen) details. Flight Planner also offers a direct and seamless wireless connection to Airbus flight management systems (FMS).

        Flight Performance

        The Airbus Helicopters Flight Performance application computes all aspects of a flight manual's performance figures in one, single mobile application. The application can be uploaded standalone according to operator needs.

        Flight Balance

        The Airbus Weight & Balance application allows customers to ensure that safe operational limits are respected by computing the weight and balance of an aircraft, taking into account the specific mission profile, payload and optional equipment on the helicopter. The application can also be uploaded standalone according to operator needs.

        All three applications are pre-loaded with OEM data sources, maximising the reliability of the related calculations.

        HCare For Helionix

        Airbus Helicopters’ light-twin helicopter H135 has received the type certificate by the Federal Aviation Administration for its new Helionix cockpit.

        New-generation helicopters increasingly rely on software, such as that embedded in the new Helionix? digital avionics suite designed by Airbus and launched on the H175, H145 and H135.

        Airbus’ system and software service comprises:

        • Software technical support:?Establishing technical means and resources to support state-of-the-art software-rich helicopters.
        • Software content support:?Periodic development of new Helionix? software versions (known as “maintenance releases”) derived from the latest production standards and upgrades of actual versions.
        • Software distribution and loading:?Worldwide delivery and self-loading of software maintenance releases to customers through various channels, depending on customer requirements.
        • System and software configuration management:?Management of software versions for all configurable equipment.
        • Dedicated help desk:?Available to support in-service fleets?customersupport.helicopters@airbus.com

        Keycopter customer portal

        Keycopter is a dedicated portal to access smart functions that are useful in customers’ day-to-day interactions with Airbus Helicopters, such as spare parts ordering, warranty claims, repair and overhaul orders, technical publications and more.

        Keycopter also offers a single interface for application downloads and services subscriptions.



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