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        Maintenance is performed on a helicopter at Airbus Helicopters de Mexico

        HCare Services

        Aboard every flight

        Safety. Efficiency.

        The moment an Airbus helicopter is delivered, one of the company’s primary missions begins: providing the customer with the necessary support and services to carry out their operations efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

        Airbus Helicopters’ global customer service network works around the clock to fulfill this mission, bringing tailor-made and competitive solutions to the customer’s doorstep.

        Through the?HCare service offer, Airbus Helicopters keeps businesses on track and rotorcraft in the skies. Spanning material management, helicopter maintenance, technical support, training and flight ops, and connected services, HCare ensures that each flight is a success and performed with the highest levels of safety.

        Not only does this focus cover today’s flights, it covers tomorrow’s as well. As operators’ requirements evolve and their missions become more demanding, Airbus Helicopters continuously adapts its service portfolio to fit customers’ needs.

        o?? Airbus Helicopters remains 100 percent at the service of its customers. The company is committed to achieving:

        • 100 percent of spare part planned orders delivered on time
        • 100 percent of customers visited by an Airbus Helicopters representative to discuss their business and needs
        • 100 percent of health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) red alarm queries answered within 24 hours
        • 100 percent around-the-clock availability for all customer support queries

        o? Airbus?Helicopters’ global network spans around 150 countries and offers local solutions to more than 3,000 customers that collectively log more than three million flight hours annually.

        Read more: Global Network Map

        o?? Airbus?Helicopters’ material management service is dedicated to ensuring parts availability through spare parts supply or components repair and overhaul of all rotorcraft within its product range, keeping customers operating at top performance levels.

        Read more: Material Management

        o?? Airbus?Helicopters’ maintenance and upgrade solutions ensure that in-service rotorcraft benefit from maximum availability and continually evolve to meet new mission requirements, outfitted with the latest technologies and product improvements.

        Read more: Helicopter Maintenance

        o?? Airbus?Helicopters provides 24/7 technical support for rapid and effective response. Whether it’s quick telephone advice or a response from an experienced technical representative, Airbus Helicopters offers a full spectrum of technical support options.

        Read more:?Technical Support

        o?? Airbus?Helicopters continuously expands its training and operations service for improved flight safety and better cost effectiveness.

        Read more: Training and Flight Ops

        o?? Airbus?Helicopters steps into the future with connected services that enable operators to enhance operations and increase competitiveness.

        Read more: Connected Services

        o?? Airbus?Helicopters’ Keycopter customer portal is your business partner, bringing helicopter management to just a click away.

        Read more: Keycopter

        Important to you.?Essential to us. We’re here to care for you. We’re with you on every flight.



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        HCare news

        Norway’s Helitrans becomes first operator to receive H125s with digital logcards


        Aircraft Maintenance Systems and Lundin Software team up with Airbus Helicopters to exchange maintenance data digitally


        CHC Helicopter’s H175 to become first helicopter delivered with new digital logcards


        Airbus Helicopters expands data collection and analytics capabilities through partnership with SKYTRAC


        Airbus Helicopters launches Flight Analyser data analytics to support operational safety


        Superior Helicopter signs first HCare Infinite contract in North America


        Our HCare services

        About HCare

        Technical Support

        Material Management

        Training & Flight Ops

        Helicopter Maintenance

        Connected Services


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