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        Customer Portal

        Airbus Helicopters'?Keycopter customer portal?eases?customers’ daily operations and allows them to focus on what really matters: their business. Keycopter?is an innovative online platform for accessing technical publications, placing orders and quotations, managing fleet data as well as warranty claims, and receiving quick responses to support and services questions.

        Airbus Helicopters
        Helicopters 08 December 2017



        Airbus’ main interactive and customised e-services include:

        • eOrdering for spares: customers place and track their spare parts orders and quotations, receive availability dates and prices in real time, complete their shopping cart from an Excel file or the IPC catalogue, and check the progress of their deliveries.
        • eOrdering for upgrades:?customers have access to Airbus Helicopters’ standard upgrades catalogue for service bulletins or supplemental type certificates (SB/STC). Easy to use with advanced sorting options and a useful integrated and automated technical filtering assistant, customers can order upgrade kits filtered according to the “as delivered” configuration of their aircraft.
        • eRequests:?customers can get immediate responses from Airbus Helicopters experts on any support or service-related question, including on technical requests.
        • eWarranty claims: customers are able to send warranty claims in real time to the relevant Airbus department and monitor their status throughout the claim procedure, thereby reducing processing times.
        • eTechpub:?through this feature, customers have access to the complete range of up-to-date Airbus technical documentation, either through O.R.I.O.N. (Airbus’ interactive online viewer) or in PDF format.
        • FlyScan:?customers can monitor and track health and usage for helicopters with an onboard health and usage monitoring system (HUMS).

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        The GTC must be accepted online by a legal representative within your company. Each future Keycopter user must read the GTC before gaining access to the service.

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