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        Artificial intelligence

        Artificial intelligence

        Capitalising on the value of data

        Artificial intelligence (AI) is much more than a research field: it is a ubiquitous future technology with the potential to redefine all areas of our society. At Airbus, we believe AI is a key competitive advantage that enables us to capitalise on the value of our data.

        Shaping our business through artificial intelligence

        Airbus focuses on six technical areas relating to AI that will shape our business over the next five years:

        • Knowledge extraction: Extracting value from unstructured documents
        • Computer vision: Transforming images and video into objects and activities based on deep-learning detection and decision-making
        • Anomaly detection: Finding hidden patterns in data
        • Conversational assistance: Designing natural language-interaction systems
        • Decision-making: Optimising solutions for very complex constrained problems
        • Autonomous flight: Enabling the next generation of aerial vehicles with new capabilities

        Latest news

        CIMON is back on Earth after 14 months on the ISS

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        Airbus’ AIGym artificial intelligence challenge


        Technology demonstrator CIMON* receives ‘Best of What’s New Award’ from US science magazine Popular Science

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        Assisting astronauts with Airbus innovation

        Redefining workmates


        Discover future technologies

        Electric flight


        Advanced analytics


        Quantum Technologies

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