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        Airbus Cyber Innovation

        Airbus Cyber Innovation?

        A cutting-edge approach to cybersecurity research

        At Airbus Cyber Innovation, we push the boundaries of cyber innovation by advancing cutting-edge cybersecurity research in a variety of areas. In doing so, we are actively tackling today’s digital threats—and preparing for the threats of tomorrow—to ensure business continuity and to help secure people, property and information.


        Airbus Cyber Innovation monitors and identifies cyber trends through cybersecurity research initiatives and projects around the world. Our activity takes place across five sites: Newport in Wales, Paris and Toulouse in France, and Hamburg and Munich in Germany. Teams at these locations foster strong relationships with Airbus business units, which in turn, drive the research objectives.


        Our mission is two-fold:

        • To transform our industry-leading cybersecurity capabilities into world-class expertise
        • To develop the technology required to tackle emerging cybersecurity issues


        Our key research priorities include the following:

        • Developing the next generation of cyber defence, detection and response
        • Protecting industrial control and safety-critical systems
        • Understanding the human factors of cybersecurity and cloud security mechanisms

        Research units

        Centre of Excellence in Industrial Control System (ICS) Security

        Centre of Excellence in Industrial Control System (ICS) Security

        In partnership with De Montfort University’s Cyber Technology Institute (CTI), the Centre advances research in the protection of industrial control systems, which are essential for seamless operations in industries such as automobile and aviation.



        Jointly funded by the Welsh Government and Airbus, this major security research initiative aims to develop cyber innovation for key industrial requirements in advanced manufacturing organisations. It is based in the Airbus Cyber Innovation Hub in Newport, Wales.


        Airbus Cyber Innovation Hub

        Airbus Cyber Innovation Hub

        This centre of excellence, located in Airbus’ Newport facility and in the heart of “Cyber Wales,” is home to research initiatives, incubators, accelerators and academic research units driving state-of-the-art cybersecurity innovation.

        Airbus SecLab

        Airbus SecLab

        This unit is responsible for cyber security testing, evaluation, verification and validation. Based in Toulouse and Paris, Airbus SecLab experts test the cyber resilience of Airbus’ products and infrastructure, and develop customised cyber security tools.

        Airbus Cyber Research Centre

        Airbus Cyber Research Centre

        Located in Hamburg and Ottobrunn, Germany, the Centre develops cyber research, tools and techniques for industrial control security in collaboration with Airbus’ local business units.

        Get in touch

        For more information, please contact the Airbus Cyber Innovation team.???

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