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        Investing in innovative aerospace start-ups

        Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Paris and Tokyo, Airbus Ventures is a fast-moving, early-stage venture capital company that independently funds and supports start-ups impacting the aerospace industry.?We have proudly helped inspiring innovators reach new dimensions of achievement since 2015.


        We get sight of extraordinary start-ups that are destined to redefine the aerospace industry. Because we operate independently from Airbus, we can co-invest with traditional top-tier venture-capital firms, meeting their expectations for financial discipline, speed of diligence, execution and robust returns. The result is much more relevant business value to Airbus and its portfolio companies.

        Airbus’ BizLab network welcomes applications for acceleration programmes from entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and company employees


        We invest in start-ups working to advance aerospace solutions on a variety of topics, from autonomy to industrial efficiency.?Our portfolio’s success rate is extraordinarily high: we can mitigate business risks by ensuring our due diligence process is rigorous. This meticulous approach is highly attractive to partnering venture capital funds.?

        Our topics for investment

        Airbus Innovations has developed a datalink based on a software-defined radio platform, which realizes a video link between an unmanned ground vehicle and its ground control station with an unmanned aerial vehicle acting as a relay station to enable non-line-of-sight communication and to increase the communication range.


        Safe and reliable vehicle autonomy, airspace management for drones, mobility platforms, autonomous driving, avatar and remote presence, remote aerial sensing and surveillance, drone detection and management

        Airbus, Rolls-Royce und Siemens haben sich zur zeitnahen Entwicklung eines Flugdemonstrators zusammengeschlossen - ein bedeutender Schritt nach vorn auf dem Gebiet der hybrid-elektrischen Antriebe für kommerzielle Flugzeuge.


        Electric-propulsion technology, fast battery charging

        Industrial efficiency

        Industrial efficiency

        Ultra-low-power semiconductors, micro-location technologies, sound analysis, industry 4.0 mobile collaboration, quantum computing, self-driving shuttle, digital automotive retail, indoor drone shows system



        Carbon-fibre recycling

        New space

        New space

        Nano-satellite IOT network, software-driven communications infrastructure, space debris mapping, kinetic energy launch system



        Biological neurons, co-processors, IOT cybersecurity

        Learn more about Airbus Ventures

        Learn more about Airbus Ventures

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