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        Tech challenges &amp; competitions

        Tech challenges & competitions

        Targeting disruptive growth

        Each year, Airbus sponsors a variety of tech challenges and competitions from around the world. Our aim is to achieve disruptive growth by tapping into bright minds who are ready to solve real-world problems with a technology-based product that keeps the end user in mind.

        Photograph of a human eye overlaid computer artwork of colourful particles, depicting fantasy, imagination, dreaming, physics, light or stars.

        Fly Your Ideas

        Challenging students to transform the world of aerospace

        Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge

        Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge

        Bringing flight physics into the quantum era



        Co-innovation using artificial intelligence

        First Teams Enter The Inaugural Electric Aircraft Air Race

        Air Race E

        The world's first all-electric airplane race

        Other challenges sponsored by Airbus

        Discover our focus areas

        Airbus UAM Cityscape

        Innovation at Airbus

        Shaping the future of aerospace

        Airbus Urban Mobility

        Airbus Urban Mobility

        Taking urban transport into the sky

        Future technology

        Future technology

        Leveraging the technologies that will revolutionise our world

        Open Innovation

        Open Innovation

        Translating innovative ideas into aerospace breakthroughs

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