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        Broadcast room, footage by market

        Welcome to the broadcast room, an Airbus service for media professionals
        TV professionals can efficiently preview and download a selection of Airbus b-rolls and stock shots in TV quality format.?By entering the broadcast room, you accept to comply with the terms of the Legal Notice.?This broadcast room offers formats suitable for TV news coverage.?If you wish to acquire B-roll that is not currently available in the broadcast room or if you wish to acquire footage for documentary use, please contact the Airbus press department at media@airbus.com.

        Note to web video news editors:?External websites, blogs and other associated online media are invited to visit the?video gallery?to freely embed all videos edited by Airbus.

        Aircraft footage

        Helicopters footage

        Space Footage

        Company Footage

        Algae General footage      
        TV footage of Wing Campus inauguration ceremony      
        Video News Release: Fabrikarium      
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