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        Media Relations contacts

        Commercial Aircraft

        Your Contact

        Stefan Schaffrath

        Head of Media Relations

        Matthieu Duvelleroy

        Media Relations Manager Middle East, France, Environment

        Justin Dubon

        Head of Global News

        Agnès Carmes

        Audiovisual Press Manager

        Laura Carlesso

        Media Relations Coordinator

        Heidi Carpenter

        Media Relations Manager

        Marie Caujolle

        Media Relations Manager

        Martin Fendt

        Media Relations Manager - Trade & Technical Press - Services, Cabin, Engineering

        Anne Galabert

        Media Relations Manager

        Lois Benquet

        Media Relations Manager

        Airbus Operations, France

        Stephane Defer

        Head of Communications

        Airbus Operations, Germany

        Martina Juergens

        Head of Communications

        Airbus Operations, UK

        Donna Lloyd

        Head of Communications

        Airbus Operations, Spain

        Marie-Alix Delestrade

        Head of Communications

        Airbus Americas

        Clay McConnell

        Head of Communications Airbus Americas

        James Darcy

        Head of External Communications Airbus Americas

        Liana Sucar-Hamel

        Head of Latin America Communications

        Airbus Canada Limited Partnership

        Marcella Cortellazzi

        Head of Communications, A220 Programme & Media Relations for Airbus in Canada

        Annabelle Duchesne

        A220 Product Communication & Media Relations

        Airbus Africa and Middle East

        Samsana Ismail

        Head of Communications

        Airbus China

        Lindsey Mi

        Head of Communications

        Airbus Asia-Pacific

        Sean Lee

        Head of Communications Asia-Pacific

        Airbus Japan

        Takahiro Nosaka

        Head of Communications

        Airbus India

        Krittivas Mukherjee

        Head of Communications and Public Affairs

        Neha Adhikari

        Press Representative India

        Airbus Russia

        Maria Shlyakhtova

        Head of Communications

        Airbus Corporate Jets

        David Velupillai

        Marketing Director - Airbus Corporate Jet


        Yves Barille

        Head of Communications

        Guillaume Steuer

        Head of News & Media Relations Airbus Helicopters

        Belinda Ng

        External Communications – Asia-Pacific

        Gregor von Kursell

        Senior Media Relations Manager – Germany

        Kieran Daly

        Head of Communications - Airbus Helicopters UK

        Gloria Illas

        Media Relations Manager

        Laurence Petiard

        Media Relations Manager

        Courtney Woo

        Media Relations Manager

        Erin Callender

        Head of Communications – United States

        Defence and Space

        Dirk Erat

        Head of Digital Communications, Airbus. Head of Communications, Airbus Defence and Space.

        Martin Agüera

        Head of Media Relations Defence and Space. Senior Spokesman Corporate Finance & Governance

        Defence media contacts

        Florian Taitsch

        Head of Media Relations Defence

        Fabienne Grazzini

        Media Relations Intelligence and Satellite Imagery

        Jose Gascó

        Media Relations Military Aircraft

        Ambra Canale

        Media Relations Airbus Cyber Security and Latin America

        Christian Albert

        Media Relations Manager

        Bruno Daffix

        Media Relations Secure Communications, CSR

        Alain Dupiech

        Media Relations Unmanned Air Systems

        Pablo Correa Sancho

        Media Relations Innovation and Security Solutions Database and Global Topics

        Space Systems media contacts

        Ralph Heinrich

        Head of Media Relations Space Systems

        Jeremy Close

        Media Relations Space Systems, UK

        Guilhem Boltz

        Media Relations Space Systems, France

        Mathias Pikelj

        Media Relations Space Systems, Germany

        Francisco Lechón

        Media Relations Space Systems, Spain

        For information regarding current job vacancies, please visit our Careers section.

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