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        The most comprehensive portfolio

        The most comprehensive portfolio

        Offering the most comprehensive range of Earth Observation satellite systems on the market today, Airbus provides the right satellite for every customer: Whether they need a weather-independent data source, high-frequency revisits, very-high-resolution imagery or even all of the above in a single system: we have the perfect solution!

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        Optical earth observation satellites


        A Highly Agile and Flexible System

        AstroBus-XS is a space-proven technological concept. This enhanced version of the successful high-resolution Myriade satellite features an extended swath, an increased image size and the capacity to acquire three-times more images every single day.


        Permanent Surveillance from Space

        GO3S is a concept for a geostationary Earth observation satellite system with an outstanding responsiveness. Fixed over a selected target region, it operates independent of any orbital constraints and can provide real-time video from space as well as moving object detection for security, defence and environment purposes, to name just a few.


        Perfect Combination of Compactness and Performance

        Perfect for very-high resolution (VHR) applications, this Earth Observation satellite combines the advantages of a low-mass system with the strong performance of a larger platform. This brand-new satellite is a highly attractive option.

        Read all about how an AstroBus-S was built and launched for the Peruvian Space Agency.


        Flightproven Experience and Extremely High-Resolution

        The largest optical satellite of our portfolio, featuring operational capacities for civilian and military applications and an extremely high performance for an unrivalled Earth observation capability. AstroBus-L is a success in a number of top-of-the-class Earth observation missions.

        Radar earth observation satellites


        Constellation-ready SAR-System for Optimized Site Monitoring

        This highly effective synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite system is particularly suitable for surveillance applications in a constellation concept. Featuring very-high resolution and large-area coverage capacities, this system excels in performance for intelligence and surveillance applications.

        Next Generation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites will see the World in Colour


        Next Generation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites will see the World in Colour

        The HybridSAR satellite can acquire imagery down to 25cm resolution, with a tremendous image quality, thanks to the huge sensitivity and high gain performances of its reflector. The platform is very stable and its position is well known at any point in time allowing high quality SAR interferometry measurements for surface movements and coherence change detection.

        Satellite imagery


        Artist Impression Of An Oberon Project Spacecraft    
        Artist impression of an Oberon Project Spacecraft Cluster    
        CO3D Copyright Airbus 2019    
        Vision 1 Melbourne Australia - Airbus DS 2019    
        SEOSAT Ingenio Copyright Airbus    
        Ministerpr?sident Soeder in Ottobrunn    
        PAZ TerraSAR X First Interferogram    
        MetOp-C Artist View    
        MetOp-C Infographic    
        MetOpB Loading    
        Euronaval 2018 – Pleiades    
        Sentinel-6: Integration of Propulsion Module. Copyright Airbus 2018    
        Sentinel-6. Copyright ESA.    
        Keeper Of The Winds - Copyright ESA    
        Aeolus Encapsulation Copyright ESA CNES    
        Sentinel-6A - Delivered for testing    
        Sentinel-6A - Delivered for testing    
        Meteop-C Infographic - DE    
        Meteop-C Infographic - FR    
        Meteop-C Infographic - SP    
        Infographic PAZ-ES_Copyright Airbus2017    
        Infographic PAZ-EN_Copyright Airbus2017    
        Sentinel-5p - Overview    
        Sentinel-5p - Function    
        Sentinel-5p - Airbus Contribution    
        Copernicus and Sentinels Infographic ES    
        Copernicus and Sentinels Infographic FR    
        Copernicus and Sentinels Infographic DE    
        Copernicus and Sentinels Infographic EN    
        COD3D Earth Obsevation Programme      
        CO3D Earth Obsevation Programme (French)      
        Sentinel 2      
        The MetOp-C weather satellite      
        Sentinel-5 Precursor      
        Biomass - Promo clip      
        The New Journey into Space      
         GRACE-FO satellites      
        Earth Observation Portfolio      
        PerúSAT-1 - A 24-month story from A to Z      
        PerúSAT-1 Customer's Testimonials      
        Copernicus and its Sentinels      
        Copernicus - Sentinel 2B      
        Sentinel-2 - Promotionnal clip      
        Airbus Defence and Space to build Biomass – the European Space Agency’s forest mission      
        Meet us at ILA 2016 in Berlin      
        Earth Observation      
        Secure Exchange Gateway L?sung von Airbus Defence and Space      
        Airbus Defence and Space: SPOT Family, 30 years of Space imagery      

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        Related Instruments: NAOMI

        Related Instruments: NAOMI

        New AstroSat Optical Modular Instrument is an instrument line of high-resolution imagers designed and developed by Airbus Defence and Space. These instruments provide high-quality images from low-Earth orbit for land observation. The ideal instruments for various applications as land use monitoring, security, agriculture, disaster relief monitoring and natural disasters.

        Related Expertise: Socio-economic Benefits

        Related Expertise: Socio-economic Benefits

        An Earth observation satellite is a precious tool dedicated to sustainability and economic growth through direct spinoffs in various fields. Geo-spatial information acquired from National Space missions provides the basis for well-informed decisions in many areas. From a better monitoring of climate change, an improved prevention of natural disasters, a more precise governance of natural resources and an increased productivity in various sectors, a satellite has a significant positive impact on social, environmental and economic development.

        Earth observation



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