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        Capacity Building for Earth Observation

        Capacity Building for Earth Observation

        Comprehensive programmes include more than ‘just’ satellites

        For more than a decade, customers around the World have appreciated close and long-lasting partnerships with Airbus Defence and Space. With their satellite system from Airbus Defence and Space, customers tap into an extensive repository of capacity building options, ranging from full in-orbit delivery to satellite data storage solutions. Supporting customers throughout all stages of their satellite programme, ensuring their comprehensive expertise in relation to their satellite, is a key part of our philosophy.

        Our comprehensive programmes

        Space Expertise: Our Training Programmes

        Customers benefits from our extensive knowledge and experience:

        • Technical and academic courses
        • On-the-job training
        • Knowledge and know-how transfers
        • Technology transfer
        • Support of local installations and initial operations of local infrastructure.

        Imagery Services and Data Expertise

        Airbus Defence and Space is a leading supplier of commercial satellite imagery – through an exclusive access to our own Earth observation constellation of satellites. Satellite customers can access this constellation from the day of their contract signature until or even beyond the delivery of their own satellite.

        Our experts are the perfect trainers on:

        • Data acquisition and satellite operation
        • Data processing and training on dedicated Tools
        • Remote sensing applications and intelligence
        • Data management, storage and dissemination

        In-Orbit Delivery

        Our comprehensive solutions include a full spectrum of services for a successful in-orbit delivery of the satellite, leaving the customer at ease to take over a turnkey system:

        • Launcher procurement and launch campaign
        • Launch insurance
        • Installation and implementation of local ground segment
        • Early in-orbit operations.

        Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT)

        As a world leader for satellite integration, Airbus Defence and Space is the ideal partner for providing all necessary infrastructures to enable an in-country assembly, integration and testing of satellites.

        • Design and construction of AIT centres
        • Installation of satellite design centres
        • Testing services in our own facilities

        Support and Assistance

        Starting with a detailed assessment of the customer needs, Airbus Defence and Space accompanies customers all the way to the end-of-life of their satellite. While the satellite is in orbit, our experts are always available to provide assistance and advice:

        • 24/7 hotline help
        • Customised support
        • Expert advice, remotely or on-site as needed

        Ground Segments

        Our solid experience in designing and operating ground segments is a key advantage in providing our customers the best ground segments, in line with their requirements.

        • Ground control station
        • Direct receiving station (single or multi-satellite solutions)
        • Image processing centre
        • Related infrastructure

        Earth observation



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        Capacity building

        ESA preferred partner

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