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        Searching for life on Mars

        • Airbus Defence and Space is developing the ExoMars rover, to be launched in 2020
        • The rover has been named after UK scientist Rosalind Franklin
        • Mission: Search for life on Mars in a joint European/Russian venture

        The European and Russian space agencies (ESA and?Roscosmos, respectively) launched their joint mission on 14 March 2016 to test technology for future exploratory surface missions on Mars.

        The?ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, the first in a series of the two space agencies’ collaborative Mars missions, monitors seasonal changes in the planet’s atmosphere composition and temperature in search for evidence of methane and other atmospheric gases that could be evidence of active biological or geological processes.

        This is?just the first part of the programme whose ultimate goal is to examine the geological environment and search for life on Mars. ExoMars will also help to prepare for other robotic missions and possible future human exploration.

        Its second part, scheduled for 2020,?will send the 300 kg. ExoMars rover – a robotic vehicle – to the planet, with the landing scheduled for 2021.?Capable of drilling as deep as two metres below the surface, it will search for signs of past or present life.?The collected data will help to evaluate risks for future manned missions as well as assist in broader studies of Martian geochemistry and environmental science.

        The ExoMars rover currently is under development by Airbus Defence and Space, being built at the company’s UK facility in Stevenage, UK. The rover has been named after Rosalind Franklin, a UK scientist and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. ExoMars is the first to honour a woman scientist on its flagship discovery craft.

        The rover has been named after UK scientist Rosalind Franklin

        The rover has been named after UK scientist Rosalind Franklin

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        Mars Rover in Trafalgar Square

        The Mars rover prototype built by Airbus Defence and Space for the ExoMars mission was featured in Trafalgar Square, London, the UK in November 2016 for the launch event of National Geographic’s TV series “MARS.”?

        More info on Mars Rover Here

        ExoMars Rover mission: how Airbus looks for life on the red planet!

        Discover the Mars Yard



        Rosalind Franklin ExoMars rover leaves UK for testing ahead of launch    
        Rosalind Franklin ExoMars rover    
        Rosalind Franklin    
        ExoMars Rover at the Airbus booth during the 69th International Astronautical Congress    
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        Mars rover in trafalgar square    
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        Europe's first Mars Rover      
        The challenges of Mars      
        What is ExoMars      
        The rover is expected to travel several kilometers during its mission      
        The ExoMars Rover will be the next rover to land on planet Mars      
        Meet the Rovers Bryan and Bruno      
        WorldSpaceWeek – Discover the Mars Yard      
        Mars Rover in Trafalgar Square      
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        Space exploration by Airbus Defence and Space      
        Orion ESM - Service module for NASA's spacecraft Orion - Clip 2      
        Europe's first Mars Rover and their sandy "playground"      

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