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        OneWeb satellites constellation

        OneWeb satellites constellation

        connection for people all over the globe

        • 900 satellites to provide affordable internet worldwide
        • The first six satellites have already been launched on February 27th 2019
        • OneWeb satellites, the joint venture owned by Airbus and OneWeb ?
        OneWeb Constellation

        Airbus, the Europe largest space company, and OneWeb satellites have teamed up to design and manufacture up to 900 satellites for the OneWeb constellation, which would provide affordable high-speed Internet access across the globe.

        The challenge is enormous, since satellites have never been mass produced before. A requirement to produce several small satellites a day has inspired us to develop innovative designs and processes that dramatically lower the cost in large volumes for high performance space applications. We set up an assembly line that is completely different from classic geostationary satellite assembly labs and we organise a procurement supply chain that is unlike anything the space sector has ever seen before.

        The plan calls for satellites of less than 150kg each that feature fewer electrical connections between subsystems than is typical of today’s satellites. With first models manufactured at OneWeb satellites facility at the Airbus Toulouse site?in France, full series production will take place at OneWeb satellites new factory?in Florida,?demonstrating once again the agility of this joint venture.

        OneWeb Facts & Figures

        Airbus has leveraged resources and expertise across the entire group to rise to the challenges this project presents.

        OneWeb satellites announced the delivery of the first satellites for the OneWeb constellation in January 2019. The first six satellites were shipped to Kourou for succesful launch on 27 February 2019.

        With this generation of satellites, OneWeb satellites is entering a new chapter in space story.

        Five OneWeb Satellites

        The first satellites aligned in the cleanroom at Airbus Toulouse site, ready for shipment

        Airbus OneWeb satellites

        Packing of the first satellites of OneWeb satellites constellation

        Latest News

        OneWeb Satellites and partners OneWeb and Airbus transform space industry with world’s first high-volume satellite production facility in Florida


        Welcome to the new era of connected aircraft

        OneWeb Satellites has shipped first satellites for the OneWeb constellation to launch site

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        Airbus wins DARPA contract to develop small constellation satellite bus for Blackjack program

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        OneWeb Satellites inaugurates serial production line for the Assembly, Integration, and Test of OneWeb’s first satellites

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